AMI/USA Branding

The Association Montessori International is a international non-profit organization that serves to promote the values of Maria Montessori throughout the world.

I worked from the ground up to design AMI/USA's previously incongruous and out of date materials. This was achieved by implementing a simple visual brand that is straightforward with great impact – much like the organization. I took the existing logo and integrated it with a solid blue background, a simple watermark, and some sophisticated fonts to make AMI/USA look clean and modern. I was responsible for updating all of the organization's promotional materials, including a membership brochure. Lastly, I designed a new user-friendly website to reflect the new brand. 

Anna’s design abilities are outstanding - creative, refined and current
— Executive Director, AMI/USA, Virginia McHugh Goodwin


A National Network of
Montessori Advocacy Logo



believe in the Child Branding, Self-Mailer Envelope and Insert Pamphlet



Montessori guide branding

This piece was also created for the Association Montessori International. A dedicated team made up of a project manager, a videographer, the executive director of our organization, and myself as the creative director, developed an online resource for Montessori teachers.

I was responsible for creating the logo, the project brand, developing a plan to display the resource (a website with Vimeo videos) directing the promo video, and creating the final website.


AMI/USA Website Hero Images

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The We Are Montessori Project

The We Are Montessori Project was created to help celebrate Montessori alumni and bring more awareness to the benefits of Montessori Education. I was responsible for creating the campaign concept, design, and execution plan which included alumni submissions and an long-term social media publishing plan.

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